Person-Centered Psychotherapy Course

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The PCP Academy, Person Centered Psychotherapy Academy, is offering the first Module of their year long 5 Module Course in Person-Centered Practice on Aug. 30 - Sept. 2, 2024, online.

This Educational course is presented by Antonio Santos, PhD. and William Stillwell, PhD., colleagues of Carl Rogers, with over 40-years experience in psychotherapy, facilitating and teaching.  

During the past 12 years of the program, students from all over the world successfully mastered Person-Centered Psychotherapy: USA, Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, Spain, Russia, New Zealand, China, India.   Welcome!

This Course is based on the original philosophy of Carl Rogers — his practice and ideas about human being. After graduating students will be able to use the Person-Centered Approach in psychotherapy and daily communication.

The directors of PCP Academy, Antonio Santos, and Will Stillwell, are highly-experienced psychotherapists and former colleagues of the late Carl R. Rogers, the developer of Person-Centered Psychotherapy. They believe that healthy, responsible life changes mature outward from a person’s internal resources. A therapist’s personal responsibility for creating successful life-changing therapy concerns what kind of and how to build inspirational relationships with their diverse client base. Antonio and Will work with Academy participants to discover how to create these inspirational relationships. They utilize deep discussion, shared experiences, and practice of person-centered approaches. The PCP Academy welcomes you to explore, investigate, study, inquire, learn, share, question and grow your person-centered practice! 



We have 20 spaces.  Early registration ends before the first of the month for all Modules/Sessions.


Module I

$250 early registration before 7/31

$300 afterwards

Modules II–V

$325 early registration 

(it ends before the first of the month for Sessions)

$360 afterwards


Make payment / Register for Module I

       Aug. 30 - Sept. 1

              at PayPal: 

   "Center for the Person 

                - Psych"


For further registration and details Contact Sandy or Antonina.

Sandy’s email:

Antonina’s email (for students from Russia):